Changing OBD2 adapters

I am trying a bunch of different OBD2 adapters, wifi, USB, Bluetooth and I can not for the life of me find the setting to add adapters or change them or remove them. The only way I have found to do it is remove the software and reinstall so you can go thru the tutorial and add one. I am playing with an android device as well as a Linux mint box and a raspberry pi. I am really liking the software and just trying to find the best adapter possible before I start dealing with pids and custom dashboards.

Please clue me in on where this setting is or a way to run the tutorial after the first launch so I can add those things.


I found that if you go to the top and click garage and then select the car you can get to change the adapter info. This will be great for testing. :slight_smile: I would recommend that this option be moved to settings. but thats my 2cents.


Yes, thats how we do it, we have different vehicle profile in the garage for each connection type that we are testing.