Changing the Map input to a different App?

To start, I’m new to RD, but learning quickly and eager to learn more.

Now to my first question.

Is it possible to change the map input to a different app? I’m building an off-road only Jeep and I will be using the BFG OnTrail app. The app is already installed on my head unit, but would love to customize a skin to have the map on a large portion of the screen. I’ll also have a bank of switches for the One Gauge PDM and a Music player. The switches and music player are easy. Looking for advice/help on the Map interface.

Unfortunately its not possible to change the Map interface on RealDash. Only option would be to have an overlay of OnTrail app on top of RealDash (if OnTrail supports that).

Thank you for the reply!

Well, bummer!

How would one go about setting up an overlay?

Not sure how you set it up, but for example Google Maps is capable of showing itself on top of other apps.

Ok, I’ll click around. I appreciate it!

Check if “Display over other apps” is enabled in Android for OnTrail.

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