Charge-assist/power gauges for hybrids and EVs

I’ve always wanted to make gauges for hybrids but none of the options work well. I feel like adding this could open up a world of possibilities. Like an eco mode or EV cluster and so on and so forth. I really want this and I hope you consider adding it.

This is exactly what I’m working on presently - at least for the Toyota Prius.

ODB2 user config .xml extract below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

The BHP provided by the electric motor(s) would be:
Electric Motor BHP = VAL{MG2 torque} * VAL{MG2 RPM} / 5252
ICE BHP = VAL{Actual Engine Torque} * VAL{Engine Speed_7E0} / 5252
Total Power (BHP) = Electric Motor BHP + ICE BHP

Would you be willing to share your Toyota Prius OBD2 XML file when you get it working?

Happy to!

I’ve added quite a few hybrid specific features to my Dash also, including the BHP supplied by the electric motors (MG1 and MG2) plus the BHP supplied by the ICE engine. This gets tricky as both MG1 and MG2 can serve as both generators and motors, although MG1 mainly serves as a motor and MG2 and a generator - but not always!

Also including the status of the Inverter/Converter Unit as this is the brains/brawn of an HEV. Key things like inverter coolant temp and MG1 and MG2 temp. I have burned-out my Inverter/Converter unit before, so good to keep an eye on the temps as they can cost $2000 - $4000 to replace.

Also trying to get to Volumetric Efficient Gauge, but this is really tricky as MG1 can add power to the ICE which can take Volumetric Efficiency well beyond 250%, which is misleading. MG1 serves as a sort of crank coupled supercharger - rather than charging air it just adds rpm/torque directly to the crank coupled to MG1 via an inertia dampening clutch-based mechanism. Another job of MG1 is to spin up the ICE in low RPM ranges where efficiency/performance is poor because ICE don’t like either low or high RPM ranges (just look at a typical ICE torque curve).

Watch this space!

Does anyone have a copy of the Generic Compatible Vehicle xml file, or know where to locate it in the RealDash install? I can then add the Prius/HEV specific PIDs to this?

All OBD2 XML files are here: