Check for updates

Hello. For some time now, the app has been able to check for updates and download them.
Where are updates downloaded and how to install them after downloading?

Linux version has ‘Check Updates’ functionality. It downloads the updated .deb package to user ‘Downloads’ folder. Install as in Linux version instructions.

I didn’t say it. Excuse me. I mean android! i can upload but there is nothing in the user folder!

The APK does not appear on your devices ‘Downloads’ folder?

Yes. I don’t see the downloaded versions in the Downloads folder in the special application folder.
Maybe it’s worth adding the “Install APK” button next to the “Download” button?

Installing app directly from another requires pretty heavy permissions on Android. That is the reason it does not install automatically.

I will check why file does not appear on user Downloads.

ok. Then I suggest making a button that will open at least the folder in which the installation file is located