Classic S2000

is there a xml file for the Classic S2000 Dash that controls the button functions?

Greetings, Michael.

We do not publish the premium dashboard XML files as it would be too easy to duplicate the dashboards for free use.

but I purchased the Dash!

If it is not possible,
how I can edit for example the button to reset the trip km?

You can use it. You bought this opportunity. But the way it works is private property, it is a lot of work. Which costs 1000 times more than what you paid.
It’s like a car, you bought it and ride it. But no one will give templates for you to build it yourself)))

Yes, you have purchased a license to use it, but not the source code.

I understand!
Is there a documentation available, how to manage a button with a xml file in Realdash?

Tutorial videos here:

Examples of animation XML here: