Clear Out Old Trip Files

Is there an easy to clear out old files on mass?

I don’t appear to be able to delete these individually from the website and if I delete them from the device, they just synchronise again from the website?

Yes, go to ‘Settings->Trip Diary’ and tap ‘All Notes’. Select the trips you want to delete and tap ‘Delete’. This will also delete the trip files from MRD.

Have tried this but does not delete on MRD and the records just download again to the device during synchronisation.

Delete in MRD Trip Diary does not delete the record either

This could be a temporary issue as today we have got alerts from MRD of exceptionally high memory usage. We are investigating this.

Also the download option on the Trip Diary files does not work and pops up the attached screenshot

Pleased to report I was able to clear out the files this morning

Yes, MRD server had some resource issues yesterday. Should be fine now.

Delete trips from MRD is not currently working.

Thanks for reporting, will investigate.