Color slider

Good time. Can I somehow influence the color slider if I use, for example, buttons on the steering wheel instead of a slider? For example, after each click, the color will change, moving according to some kind of digital rule.
If you simply attach the slider to the button and change the values, nothing happens. The values ​​of the slider do not change …

I think this is related to color slider not working over data multicasting. Checking this is on my todo list.

Goodnight. There is a small problem. If you change the color value for the color slider, you need to apply very short pulses to change the color. If the pulse is applied a little longer, the color changes while the pulse is applied.
How can I make it so that with one click the color changes portionwise?

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by pulses and portionwise.

Try to get the button to switch the color in turn. This is not possible. Color is jumping. I will do a little test.rd to show

Here is an example of what I want to achieve.
The top buttons each control their color without any problems. But in my car there is only one button available. And I can only transmit two states of this button via CAN, long press and short press.
The buttons below simulate my button in a car.
And they behave exactly like the values ​​passed through Can. T. E so far, “short = 1” the color will change.
I need to make the color change only 0.1 (in this example) if “short = 1”. It is necessary that the color changes by another 0.1, in the event that “Short = 1” is repeated again …
test select color.rd (56.1 KB)

In any case, can someone tell me the correct way to create logic?
Of course, the chain can be recreated on the microcontroller, and only the result of actions can be displayed in RealDash. But through events, this seems a lot interactive, and it’s flexible to fix something.

I believe what you need to do is use reset condition in your triggers. Now all your triggers will keep firing every frame as long as their condition is true.

Try something like;
Trigger condition: if dummy01 is 1
Reset condition: if dummy01 is not 1

So trigger can fire again next time only after dummy01 has changed value away from 1.

Yes. It works. Thank!