Combine Premium Dash that has one source/type

Thank you for combined dashes!
Can we get a possibility of combining one type premium dashes? I’ve different versions of one dash and wanna transfer elements between them, but no create it again.

Premium dashes cannot be combined from for copyright reasons, sorry :frowning:

I mean these that have one type, one source! From one “Engineer dream” to another “Engineer dream” for example.

Can this be reconsidered in light of MRD subscription?

There is also a technical reason for not being able to combine our premium dashboards. They all use certain model of Dummy Variables for operation/animations. Combining them would break those functionalities.

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Ok, understand that.

Was hoping to save some time and bring music player example into my modified Engineers Dream, or bring elements of a dash I created from scratch into a page of Engineers Dream. No fancy animations on these ones.

Music player example dash can be combined to premium dashboards as it is free example dashboard.

Must be problem between desk and chair then, will try again.

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