Configure OBD2

Good afternoon. I have the codes obtained through Can Bus Sniffer, but I can’t make the XML functional.
The codes are as follows:

1 60d 00760000ff780100 - INTERMITENTES WARNING

1 60d 00360000ff790100 - INTERMITENTE IZQUIERDO

1 60d 00560000ff790100 - INTERMITENTE DERECHO

1 60d 06160000ff790100 - LUCES ENCENDIDAS

1 60d 061e0000ff770100 - LUCES DE CARRETERA

1 60d 08160000ff770100 - PUERTA ABIERTA

1 60d 06170000ff780100 - ANTINIEBLA VERDE DELANTERO

1 60d 06170400ff780100 - ANTINIEBLA ROJO TRASERO

1 354 0000300d00000600 - LUZ ESP


Could someone help me to configure one of them so that I can learn to do the rest? I can’t get Realdash to be able to read those codes and get them to work properly.
Is it necessary to configure something else besides the codes in the XML? Thank you.

I can also help to get the codes of other vehicles since I have the AUTOPI device, perfect for these cases. Codes for XML are discovered in less than two minutes. Thank you.

Hello, what is the benefit of the device AUTOPI… Can I create and file XML PIDs from it?