Connect Android Headunit to Toyota Corolla 2021 e210

Hello all

In my Toyota Corolla e210, I have an Android headunit which seems like it can read and set car information. It reads the Battery Voltage and assigns functions to the steering wheel buttons, so… I guess… it is somehow connected to the can bus.

How can I find the interface the headunit is using to connect to the car Can Bus (meaning Serial/USB/BT) (without taking out the android device obviously :slight_smile: ), since I’ d like to connect RealDash to it??
Is there a way from the Android to find this information?


I am not sure, but you can try installing RD on the headunit and try Adapters (CAN/LIN) connectivity option in Garage-Connections or try couple of other options. You won’t brick your unit.

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Thanks Kelly!
Yes propably this is the way :slight_smile:
I’m just trying to limit the options.