Connect with Android Headunit

Hi, Im a new B

I have a Android Headunit installed on my car
i dont know how to setup the connection with realdash
FYI my android headunit already linked with my car systems
e.g : Speed, RPM, Temp, TurnSignal, Aircon, Lamp, Handbrake, ETC

My Android headunit already have a built in dashboard app that shows speed, rpm, temp, etc
It connects with the original car infotainment system via some kind of cables and connectors ( i dont know what it called, i just saw my technician installed it )
So it means my android HU already connected with the car system without needing any external reader like OBD2 / ECU / etc

Can anyone help me ?
Is there anyway i can use realdash without OBD reader

Thank you :smiley:

Many Android headunits connect to vehicle CAN bus to access information. Unfortunately the APIs on those devices are private and other apps than manufacturers are not able to access this data :frowning:

So only way is to use OBD2 adapter.

But if we can hack into this private apps, can we add some codding on this, as in this thread? :

I assume that in the decompiled source code of the application, you will find a maximum of binary data that will not be possible to match, since the compilation process itself is essentially a one-way ticket! Usually such applications are not made by stupid people! I ran into these rocks - it didn’t work out! You can not listen to me and repeat, I sincerely hope that you will succeed!