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Hello, I am a new user of your application. I have a 2011 Audi A5 TDI SPORTBACK 3.0 V6 TDI. I can connect to my OBD2 from the garage but the information that comes to the dashboard is incorrect. I notice that the Bluetooth connections to the OBD2 often disconnect. Could you tell me if I did something wrong? Greetings

Could you give more details on how the information is incorrect?

If adapter is disconnecting-connecting it may be that there is an request that your vehicle is not responding to, then connection timeouts and reconnects.

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Thanks for your feedback.
In fact after connecting the OBD2 via Bluetooth, I notice that very little information is correct and a lot of data is false.


Correct information:
Rev counter
Turbo pressure
Water temperature (not very accurate)

Incorrect information:
Fuel consumption
Gear ratio (correct up to 5th)
Flashing does not display

Is this a configuration issue?

For information, my Android 12 car radio must be connected to the CAN because it tells me when the doors are opening

All of the above are somehow calculated from the incoming data, not the ‘actual’ data from OBD2 connection.

  • Fuel Consumption: Check the units in ‘Settings->Units & Values’. Also check the engine settings in the Garage that they are correct as they are used for consumption calculation.

  • Gear ratios must be set in Garage. Go to the garage, open vehicle door and tap the gear shifter to adjust the gear ratios.

  • Turn signal indicators etc do not come in OBD2 connection. See discussion here:

OBD2 indicators, fuel level and gear - Connectivity / OBD2 - RealDash Forum

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Thank you for your feedback, I will try other settings. Last question, is there a solution to quickly adapt the display of a purchased dashboard to the size of its screen?

Only quick way is to use the zoom slider on the right side of the screen (when top menu is open). Also, some of our premium dashboards have normal and ultrawide versions available.