Connecting android with maxxecu power question

Hi there, does anyone know, does maxxecu give power to a phone or laptop or do i need some kind of hybrid connection ?

Best Eduard

No, if you connect your MaxxECU via USB cable, it will not charge your connected device.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Ill try to find some kind of dual cable that also provides power as ill be integrating a device into the dashboard. (A little phone on the side, not replacing the regular dials.)

Does someone have thoughts about what kind of device would be suitable for that? since i wont be able to power it on manually via a button afterwards… probably most phones will power on when they get power right… my iphone does but im not familiar with android devices.

i know im going offtopic but since my question is already answered…

Android devices typically do not boot when plugged in into a charger. They just show the battery level.

Oh ok thanks. So not as bad a question as i thought. Hm. I guess iphones actually might do the same now i think about it.

Ill have to make sure i can get to the power button then.