Connecting to a bmw 135i E88 (N55)

What method of connection do u recommend? I have used a cheap avin obdII WiFi adaptor, didn’t work. I used Carly bmw which worked a little better but no rpms. I have run it on my iPhone X, Samsung s6 tablet and avin-like android head unit. I have also used a k/Dcan cable with the tablet and HU. While that provided full functionality for some apps (Protools), none of them really worked good with real dash. I basically just use the app to show me my gps speed and the speed limit. I have a 2012 bmw 135i E88 (N55). I really dig your app, just wanna get the most out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you try the OBD2 Monitor from connection settings to see that connection is actually working as expected? I’m not sure if your BMW requires special header the read the data properly. If you find that is the case, I can help you to make a customized XML for your car.