Connecting to Bluetooth

Hello, in the past I had RD as a client and a custom C# program as the server, where data would be sent from RD to my program.

I have ran into connection issues where it’s not always stable. With these issues and other functionality I would like to add, I’m thinking of making my program the client and the RD applications the server, but that means that my program would need to connect to my obdlink mx+.

RD connects to my obdlink device, is it possible to see how or get the steps of how it connects?

The commands RealDash sends to OBD2 are specified here:

RealDash-extras/OBD2/realdash_obd2.xml at master · janimm/RealDash-extras (

Thank you very much, because of your response I was able to connect and send and receive data on the Bluetooth port.

Is it possible to just receive data? Receiving all data on the CAN bus, similar to how the can monitor works in real dash?

Not on a OBD2 connection is it is based on request-response model. CAN connections are able to stream data without sending anything from RealDash.

That would be perfect.
Is there something within RD i can reference for setting up a CAN connection?

Not really, but just:

  1. Use one of the supported CAN adapters: RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters
  2. Connect CAN H and CAN L wires from adapter to your vehicle CAN lines.
  3. Establish connection to RealDash and check CAN Monitor that you are receiving data.
  4. Select CAN profile from connection settings, or provide a custom XML file to describe CAN messages to RealDash.