Connecting to S40 Pro

Apologies for the very noob question, but how would I physically attach an Android tablet to the S40 Pro to get the dash stream data?


I think you can use ECU internal Bluetooth. You need to set following to your ECU to enable the Serial Stream:

See DTAFast S-Series manual 9.15:

  • Serial Data Output for Dash
  • RS232 Data Stream: ON
  • Number of Header Bytes: 4
  • Header byte values: 255, 255, 255, 255

Thanks for the earlier reply - there is an external BT module that plugs into the S40 serial port. I have been a little delayed by an engine rebuild and a global pandemic so am still in noob mode so next question: if I have the engine data feed from the DTA S40 via the BT adapter, is there a way of getting:

  • other warning lights (turn & hazard signals, side lights / headlights / main beam) driven from a non-CAN bus, non OBD2 loom?

  • speed data calculated from Android GPS location services?

Thanks in advance

As for speed data, just switch the speed source to GPS in ‘Settings->Units & Values’.

The turn signals and others is more complicated. You would need to have a custom device to capture those. Try to contact SPLeinonen about it (