Connection loose in serial 3

I have two Bluetooth 4.0 modules, each connected to serial 0 and serial 3. If I connect Realdash to serial 0, the connection is stable and works for hours on end. If I connect to serial 3, it is constantly losing connection and is trying to reconnect.

I inverted the modules to see if the problem was with it. The same thing continued, the module connected to serial 3 is constantly reconnecting. Another thing, in serial 0, if I leave the app, the engine was still running. When it is connected to serial 3, if I leave the app, the engine shuts down, for losing connection.

I don’t have speeduino, but I doubt RealDash can send anything to your Speeduino to shutdown your engine.

It doesn’t send anything at all, the arduino restarts every time a serial connection is disconnected / connected, so the motor shuts down, at serial 0, when I exit Realdash, the connection is not closed, so the motor remains on. In serial 3, when I exit Realdash, the connection is closed, causing the arduino to restart, turning the engine off.

Could you send me a debug log from the serial3 communication?

I sent a log, at least I think it worked. The file was sent at approximately 16:40 (time zone -3: 00) on 06/09/2020. I started Realdash connected with bluetooth on Serial 0 with the SERIAL 0 option selected enabled, enabled the log, entered the garage, switched to bluetooth on Serial 3 with the SERIAL 3 option enabled and left the garage, he connected and showed the RPM, when entering the garage again, the engine instantly turned off, I believe that for having closed the connection on Serial 3. This does not happen on Serial 0 when I enter the garage. Thanks

All connections, no matter what kind are closed when you enter the Garage. I will check the log but shutting down must be a hardware thing on Speeduino.

Is there a possibility that connections will not be closed in these cases?

From the logs I see that serial3 connection timeouts quickly after connecting, but there is nothing else out of place. I would really need a actual Speeduino to test this.