Connection of RealDash directly to my Android headunit with CAN-BUS decoder

Hi, I’m thinking about the option if it’s possible to directly read information in RealDash from my Android 10 headunit Isudar V72 which has a CAN-BUS decoder? I can see information about odometer, board voltage, outside temperature, handbrake, opened door, seatbelt etc. directly on my headunit and there is no need of any bluetooth/wifi OBD2 adapter. So is there any way how to teach RealDash reading and displaying this information not via BT adapter but directly from the headunit via CAN-BUS decoder? Is it something like this real or sci-fi?
Thank you very much for any advice.

It would depend on the vehicle.

If the vehicle is sending the info you are interested in on the canbus the headunit is reading, then likely you can get it working.

Sometimes the head units in cars are not being sent all the information though.

Even in that case it’s not too difficult to setup a USB can analyser.

Unfortunately the Android head units with built-in CAN do not publish any API to read the data to 3rd party apps. I did ask this from Joying, but at least they are not willing to share the API and rather keep it private.

Thank you for your answer. So I’ll hope that my ordered OBDLink LX gives me a solution. :unamused: