Connection problems Android - Autronic SM4

Had big problems with stable connection to my Autronic SM4 when I used Realdash on my track car last weekend. Did not have the same issues back in June when I used it last time.
Used my Nexus 7 2013 and lost connection all the time. Using Aten USB-serial and OTG cable.
Installed 1.7.0 on a Samsung S7 and still the same problems, but less disconnections.

Today I did some troubleshooting without car running but ignition on. Did some tests with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it was no dropouts. Tried with S7 and dropout came back.

Then I remembered that only difference between the phones is that I have XGPS160 Bluetooth GPS active as external GPS. And I didn’t have XGPS last time I used the car. When I removed external GPS module from the Samsung S7, connection was stable there also.

What can cause this problem? XGPS160 was not connected during the testing today because I didn’t have it. It was connected last time I used the car and had problems.

You may have to write a LOG file. It will be much easier to understand and deal with the cause of the problem.

Is the XGPS160 connected via bluetooth or USB? Please send a debug log of this problem happening, see

Will do some more testing with XGPS160 connected and make debug log.
XGPS160 is connected with Bluetooth. But is was not connected yesterday when I did some testing. So it seems like its enough that it is added as an external GPS.

Yes, I believe on some devices, the attempted connect on Bluetooth may interfere other serial connections. I did encounter this a while back and could not find a solution as it seemed to be problem with Android internals. I will take a look at your log file anyways.