Connection problems with OBDLink MX Wifi


Trying to connect RealDash via the OBDLink MX Wifi unit. I have use this OBD module flawlessly with other software (OBDLink on Android). In this case, gauge refresh rate is quite fast.

However cannot get RealDash to work - constantly getting messages in the lower right corner (refer attached movie/image) - Connecting… / i Checking PID support / OBD2 Stopped Connecting… This happens continuously. Only once managed to get a connection for a few seconds. The above is the situation on both my Android 10 phone and an Android 9 Car Radio/head unit. I can confirm that the IP address and Port values are correct.

I have also tried connection with an older OBDLink Bluetooth OBD module and managed to connect. In this case, dial reaction time was very slow with 1-2 seconds delay between updates.

Could you assist to manage to connect via Wifi?

Thanks & regards

The ‘STOPPED’ message comes from your vehicle. Probably RealDash is sending something to your vehicle that it does not understand. Bluetooth is plenty fast, capable of transmitting hundreds of values per second. The vehicle end is always the slowest part with OBD2.

To troubleshoot, you can use the OBD2 monitor in connection settings and try to enter the commands RealDash is using by default to see if there is some command causing delay and/or the STOPPED message.

The default OBD2 XML files can be found here: