Connection source

Stupid question, but how i can get realdash-can to connections list in garage?
Do i need some files first?

Yes it was under Adapters (can/lin), i looked old tutorials…

Could you link that old tutorial so we can update it?

First i did not find any tutorials for that in this site.
It was some video in youtube, maybe older version of RealDash, there were realdash-can listed in first page.

I managed to read can-bus data in Arduino serial monitor with example sketch of can-bus shield.
Realdash found bluetooth shield also.
I am very beginner with this. I tried to read many posts and find information, but i do not understand how i can get can-bus data to can monitor. That i want for a start, so i know there is some kind of data transfer between Arduino and Realdash.
Should i compine realdash-can example sketch with bluetooth setup and can-bus shield codes somehow?

RealDash-can Arduino example shows how to transfer CAN data to RealDash. The matter if data is transfered over USB, Bluetooth or WiFi does not change anything on how data is sent.

I suggest that you start your project with small steps. Write an Arduino program that just sends one CAN frame with static data. Then start expanding to have CAN frames to have actual meaningful data and work your way forward there.

I try to start with rmp.
If i know that is 0X280 is the rpm, then in xml it should be like this:
and below: ?
With the sample sketch, RealDash should understand that it is rpm?

Yes, if the RPM is packed to first two bytes of the CAN frame 0x280. units=“RPM” is not needed, you can remove that.

I cannot load xml in RealDash. I have Joying Android radio with Android 10 and when i try to import xml-file to realdash it says “No apps can perform this action”. Does it need some kind of an application for this? I tried to give all permissions for RealDash i found.

Install a file manager. The default file manager in Joying devices does not work as a file provider for external apps.

Thank you, that works.
Another stupid question.
I see can messages in can monitor only if i have working “sending” code in Arduino, it will not show anything if i have only xml-file?

True, CAN Monitor only shows data that is coming in to RealDash. Actually, the CAN monitor does not use the XML for anything, it just shows everything that comes in.