Connection with virtual serial port not possible


i’m trying to implement my software with realdash can protocol

all is ok if i connect realdash via usb-serial adapter

but, impossible to connect a virtual serial loopback with realdash :frowning:

SerialComms::OpenComplete - status:0. Adding ReportOpenCompleteTask
SerialComms::Starting task: ReportOpenComplete 0

i’ve just seen a workaround for network localhost connections, can be another way to give my project alive ! will try it…

Are you working on Windows or Android?

I would like to bring this topic up again.
Perhaps I will ask stupidity, but is there a possibility in Realdash to receive data through a virtual Serial port, which would be configured directly to the Rx Tx on the SBC Khadas VIM3 on Android9.
For a some of reasons, I do not want to use the state USB port. But, the connection setup in the RD is listen for BT, or COM or USB. How to get data via UART?
May be GitHub - felHR85/UsbSerial: Usb serial controller for Android ?

I don’t know. I have never used virtual serial ports on Android. I suppose it should work just fine if Android sees it as a normal USB device.

As for Windows, some time back I have used a software that created virtual COM ports and that worked just fine for development. Nowdays we no longer use those.

I just don’t have time to create such a specific environment for testing (Android virtual serial port), so if that is something you really need you need to give it a go by yourself. But I believe if it is something that will work with felHR85 library, it will also work with RealDash.