Consult Address/Register Table - Most non functional.

I’ve recently installed realdash and would like to get all the same inputs/addresses as what I have in NDSI functioning. Some are functional (Ex: Volts) but a lot are not (Ex: Throttle)

Anybody else having this issue? Where can I find the address/register table that Realdash is using for consult? Thanks

The Consult support in RealDash is somewhat limited as we do not have any means to test this connection type. RealDash sends the request for following registers:


I just sent you a message with a full list of registers and scaling. I’ll gladly test it afterwards and report back.


Ok, I will take a look.

What registers you think should be added to the request? They should be registers that are widely supported by Consult vehicles, as I understand not all vehicles send all data.

Skimming through it quick, I’d start with the following. The rest in my opinion have a limited use or work on a smaller number of cars. When you get around to adding the registers, is there some sort of debug mode/page I can see all the raw/scaled values instead of creating a gauge for each? It will make verification and reporting back much easier. Thanks.

CAS Position (RPM) MSB 0x00 See LSB
CAS Position (RPM) LSB 0x01 Value * 12.5 (RPM)
MAF voltage MSB 0x04 See LSB
MAF voltage LSB 0x05 Value * 5 (mV)
RH MAF voltage MSB 0x06 See LSB
RH MAF voltage LSB 0x07 Value * 5 (mV)
Coolant temp Single byte 0x08 Value-50 (deg C)
LH O2 Sensor Voltage Single byte 0x09 Value * 10 (mV)
RH O2 Sensor Voltage Single byte 0x0a Value * 10 (mV)
Vehicle speed Single byte 0x0b Value * 2 (kph)
Battery Voltage Single Byte 0x0c Value * 80 (mV)
Throttle Position Sensor Single Byte 0x0d Value * 20 (mV)
Intake Air Temp Single Byte 0x11 Value -50 (deg C)
Digital Bit Register Single byte 0x13 See digital register table (All of them)
Injection Time (LH) MSB 0x14 See LSB
Injection Time (LH) LSB 0x15 Value / 100 (mS)
Ignition Timing Single Byte 0x16 110 – Value (Deg BTDC)
AAC Valve (Idle Air Valve %) Single Byte 0x17 Value / 2 (%)
Injector time (RH) MSB 0x22 See LSB
Injector time (RH) LSD 0x23 Value / 100 (mS)
Waste Gate Solenoid % Single byte 0x28
MAF gm/S Single byte 0x38

Lets start slow so we don’t break this for other Consult users. For RealDash 1.9.1, I will add:

Intake air temperature
Injection time (LH)
MAF gm/S

That would be a better approach if it’s going to be a general release. Could we do maf voltage instead of g/s and coolant temp instead of intake temp? I often use maf voltage so I’m confident it works and intake temp sensor I do not have.


Coolant temp has already been in requests from the beginning.

These are now added to 1.9.1-BETA2. Please try them out and report back.

Good evening, wow that was fast. Unfortunately I just tried the new beta and I cannot connect anymore. I get a connect, then disconnect message in bottom right and this continues endlessly. I’m presuming you have programmed in some reconnect loop with no timeout? I cannot read any values. Was anything else changed? I tried to reconnect with another software and it’s functional.

What registers were added exactly? I cannot see why reading an invalid register would cause a disconnect. If only the registers were in fact changed, lets maybe revert back to before we broke it and only add one at a time I can confirm is correct and readable. Ex: Throttle Position Sensor Single Byte 0x0d Value * 20 (mV). Thoughts?


Send me a debug log for analysis:

Try with 1.9.1-BETA3, I made a small change to Consult data handling.

I just tried it again with beta3 and unfortunately still no connection. I have sent you a debug log. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Cheers.

I think I have to revert the consult back to the 1.9.0 implementation as I have no way to test this and we have to release 1.9.1 today.

Send me an email and I will share direct link to test version to implement this into the 1.9.2.

I sent you an email. Cheers.