Containers not showing all the gauges

Quick background for info.

Making 3 different modes on the dash that is changeable with buttons on the steering wheel. I have all of the gauges and information and stuff in 3 different containers per mode, (normal right, normal left, normal boost, sport right, etc) with conditions and actions that’s working for the most part (see my other post on gauge fading). When RealDash loads, the normal gauges display properly, but when I change over the other modes, almost none of the arc indicators, text, etc shows on the screen. The the image gauges show up properly, but nothing else.

Let me know what you might need to work through this.

It is next to impossible troubleshoot custom dashboards remotely, sorry :frowning:

Would you want me to send you the .rd file to see if you can reproduce the issue?

Here’s my .rd file for you to take a look. realdash-MR2/MR2_OEM Autoscale.rd at main · smwoodward/realdash-MR2 · GitHub

So here’s something that I noticed tonight. When I open RD, the first gauge setup looks correct, it’s the one that I change to that is messed up and not showing properly.

Thanks for the report. I will check this at some point.

You have to give more details of what you are trying to achieve and what is not working as expected. Also, some instructions on how do I change the modes of the containers to test the scenario.

Some notes from your containers:

  • You have vertical and horizontal scrolling active in all your containers, is this purposefully?
  • You have clipping active on your containers, any gauge that is positioned outside container area will not show with this option enabled.

Those can be changed by selecting container gauge, Look’n Feel->Special->Container.

I have steering wheel 5&6 mapped to some paddle shifters on the steering wheel that rotates Dummy 40 value up and down between 1&3. What I’m trying to achieve is when I push the paddle shifters it changes the layout to the different ones I’m setting up. I don’t have any video’s, but here’s a picture of what it was doing, vs what it should show.

Sorry, I’m trying to get the images up, they didn’t load the first time.

I did not make any changes to the containers, I will look at that and see if that would fix it.

I uploaded some changes to GitHub - smwoodward/realdash-MR2. on the .rd file, I turned off vertical and horizontal scrolling and turned off clipping, and even increased the sizes of the containers. The new update I uploaded is the one that says MR2_OEM Autoscale test.rd

Attached in the github is also pictures. In IMG_4785 is what the “normal” mode is suppose to look like, and IMG_4786 is what the “sport” mode looks like when changed, which isn’t correct. Now if I edit the dash while the sport mode is open, make a small edit and save and close realdash, when it launches again the “sport” mode gauge will show and it shows properly like what’s in IMG_4787 and when changing to “normal” it doesn’t display properly as in IMG_4788.

I can confirm that it does the same thing on iOS. Granted the gauges are horribly skewed because of the resolution differences, the same thing happens as posted above.

I did create buttons in the center of the dash, the rotate button will simulate the button press for the gauge layout to change.

I do not have a lot of time to troubleshoot custom dashboards. For what time I had to investigate yours, I did not find anything that would directly point something wring with the container. It seems like there is a problem with triggers that will set your gauges invisible, but cannot confirm that either.

I’m sorry, but I just cant use hours to troubleshoot your work. If you still believe this is a bug in containers, try to make simpler example with clear step-by-step information of a problem.

I understand what your saying about not having time to troubleshoot the work.

I am fairly sure this is a bug with containers and here’s how I can reproduce the bug. Use this dash realdash-MR2/MR2_OEM Autoscale test.rd at main · smwoodward/realdash-MR2 · GitHub

When the dash loads press the rotate button in the center and the next look should have several elements that are clipped out. Edit the dash and move the rotate button and save the dash. Close RD and reopen. The missing elements on that look should now display properly. Press the rotate button until the first gauge display shows and it should now show clipped out objects and not display like it did before the save.

Ok, I will take another look.

The problem with containers remains!
I’ll try to describe it.
Created a button that toggles “dummy 10” in the 0/1 range.

Created 2 actions.

1e for “dummy 10” =0.
2nd for “dummy 10” =1.

Created 2 containers.

container 0
container 1

If “dummy 10” =0 then hide container 1
show container 0

If “dummy 10” =1 then hide container 0
show container 1

In each of the containers there are several sensors of the needle, text, image.
The background of the container is transparent.

By pressing the button set “dummy 10 = 1”
, then return the value “dummy 10 = 0” by clicking again.
Surprisingly, not all sensors will appear inside the container.
Randomly will still be hidden.

Let’s check.

Let’s set, for example, green and red backgrounds to our containers to identify them.

Let’s press the button a few more times.

Container backgrounds appear correctly.
But the contents of the containers are still ramdomly hidden.

Let’s click in edit mode on the hidden sensor that we expect to see and move on to setting up the input for it. The sensor is displayed on the right.
Let’s move on to setting the view and the sensor is hidden again.

So this is not a problem with custom triggers or panels.

This is a longstanding problem with the HIDE & SHOW functions.
She showed up about 3 years ago. She hasn’t been resolved. Although I described it as best as I could.
We were forced to abandon the use of containers and the “Hide & show” functionality.
Perhaps this time you will have a little time to figure it out.
With hope!
In this video, I have added two containers with different content, and I turn on the visibility through the button. After that I will edit and save the panel.
Obviously, after saving, RD remembered the invisible sensors. When you restart RD, they will no longer show them. If you make another container invisible and save. After the restart, another container will not be visible.

without containers everything is displayed correctly

Conclusion: The contents of the containers, if it was hidden at the time of saving, will not appear again after the restart.

joke: crime solved! :mrgreen:

Also, if the text is in a container and a mask with an image is applied to the text, in this case
the mask effect will not be visible.

Edit: This is fixed on 2.2.2: