HI Yani,
To me the The Container do not work right or may be I do not know how to use them

First the + sign does not do any thing, it should expand or collapse the items so for large number of field it would be easier to manage then.

it would be nice if Container opacity and other items like XY and size effect all the items in it, so that can be removed by setting opacity to zero and moved/offset ted , this should work for all warning levels.


+1, can someone explain how to use containers?

Containers are though just as a handy way to tie multiple gauges together. If you have requests of new functionality, please post them on feature requests.

How do we use them? Clicking the + does nothing, can’t drag or drop gauges into the container either. I would love to be able to group gauge elements together. Are containers treated as a single gauge for animation purposes?

Select the gauges and the container and open context menu Arrange->Add to Container. To remove gauges from container, select the gauge inside the container and select context menu Arrange->Remove from container.

Container can be animated the same way as other gauges.

excellent thread…

And ??? Has anyone found out anything?

Let’s figure it out

Was there something else you would like me to explain about containers?

it would really be nice if expand or collapse was working, this could reduce the length of Item list a lot.


Yea, I know. But for sure you have noticed that our entire UI system is custom, and making new collapsible UI element inside a list is not a fun task :frowning:

I am always attracted to new information. But as I understand it, this is all about containers)

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Does anyone have a pic of what a Container looks like plz? :wink:

Do not be kidding!


this is a component that combines several visual components, in other words, it is a container where you can put anything!

This is actually a very cool thing! You can make such tricks!
It’s a pity that I am now busy with the formation of data transfer!
Attacks would be played with Photoshop, with great pleasure!

The only thing that really bugs me about containers is that it draws a box that really doesn’t have anything to do with the items in it. (Except that I can resize them all at once, I guess.) I know its silly, but this is the only thing that stops me from using this feature.

I dont know the limitations of the api you’re using, but it would be nice if the container box auto sized to fit all the components in it. I wouldn’t think it’d be too bad to check the x/y of all the component corners, then set the container size based on max/min of those values.

What’s the point of this?

What’s the point of this?

Ну! Это дело сугубо индивидуальное. :mrgreen: