Context menu.

Dear Jani. I believe you are cooler than even Joulupukki.
Therefore, make it so that in the context menu, when you need to perform several actions, for example, you need to move the picture a few times in a row below, so that the context menu does not close after each tap on the action, but only closes when you tap on an empty place on the screen or on the menu icon again)))
I beg you. Since this is damn inconvenient, every time you open this menu 100 times again and again.
Thanks. I believe in you))

Don’t kiss my butt, I hate it. :smiley:

Never seen a context menu work like that. I’m afraid that it would be confusing to most users. I would rather add more keyboard shortcuts for most common context menu items.

No problem. : lol:

I’m really embarrassed - since I receive a lot of requests …
Of course, I understand that we are making the application the best …

I can make a short list of keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used menu items:

Ctrl + R - Rename

Ctrl + UP - move to the layer above
Ctrl + DOWN - move to the layer below
Alt + Ctrl + UP - move to the foreground
Alt + Ctrl + DOWN - move to the background

Alt + Ctrl + C - center
Alt + Ctrl + F - Full Screen

I will add something. Moving gauges front/back is already done in numpad + and -.

Thanks. It works great.

For full list of keyboard shortcuts, see:

There is new command ‘ctrl+w: Toggle hide all menus’, which is very handy while editing to see entire dashboard quickly.

It is very useful. Thank you