Control Spotify with RealDash?

I used the example dash to do some music controls, but they will not control Spotify, and they do not show sound history. The internal music player works fine with my dash.
The example dash will not control Spotify either. I did go into Spotify and tell it to broadcast songs. Is controlling other music players supported in RealDash? If so, what could I possibly be doing wrong?

Controlling the playback of other music players should work just by selecting a player in Settings->User->Music Player. Although, Album art, playback list only works when RealDash is the music player.

You do have to allow RealDash to access your device notifications as playback control is done thru them. Check that first.

All those settings are correct. This is really weird then. Anything else that it could be?

Nvm I found a well-hidden option for this in settings. Controls work now.