Coolant Guage No Longer Working

When I first bought and installed this product, it read the coolant temperature on my 1997 BMW 740iL, but now it does not. The coolant guage on the car works (it is driven by a digital stepper motor reading the same information bus as the OBD Scanner). How can I fix this so that the coolant temperature guage in Real Dash works?


Coolant temp is one of the standard PIDs, so I don’t see any reason why it would not work. Have you tried to disable the connection optimizations from connection settings?

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Hello. I am also having an issue with the coolant gauge not working on my car. I also ran two tests using a text gauge and another OBD2 app. The text gauge was frozen the entire time. The other app I used did show the coolant temp. A fresh connection did not fix the issue
I am using an Android device with ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 adapter.