Coolant value incorrect

am new here , firstly need to make the data speed more faster as the RPM not response fast as real , And i got coolant Temp. totally wrong value it indicates 150 Celsius while other Apps like MS shadow dash and MS droid gives 81 which is the correct for sure, need help please.

Need more info, how are you connecting real dash to your car?

Is it displaying a static 150 or moving around? Which data source have you selected for Coolant Temp, are temp units set to Celsius?

I have MS3 connecting via Bluetooth and the data source is the ECU and its not 150 static , actually it starts at the cold 150 and when it be at the operation temp it comes to 180 and yes i choosed Celsius because when i change it to fahrenheit itt become 300

180f is 82c still could be conversion issue.

I’m not familiar with MS so not going to try to comment on that.

If i choosed F it will be 300 instead

I know but RD is just displaying what it is receiving + any defined math.

There is a temperature option in Megasquirt connection settings. Some Megas send temperature as Fahrenheit even when configured to show Celcius. Switching this connection settings option fixes that.