Cooldown Trigger

Hi all, I created a dummy trigger to test something (see previous post). I got the trigger to play a beep sound to confirm the condition was true. The trigger could refire immediately.

The beep sounded once only.

Setting cooldown to 1 meant the beep sounded every second.

Shouldn’t the beep play continuously with no gap if cooldown is set to 0?

I wonder if the trigger resetting immediately, reactivating immediately and the sound trying to play repeatedly is all just too quick.

If that’s the case, maybe a 250ms cooldown should be hard-coded into RealDash to stop triggers firing too quickly.

Is it just me that found an issue with triggers when the cooldown set to 0 let’s them run too frequently?

It is possible to create triggers that will trigger all the time. Create a reset condition or use proper cooldown.

Cheers for the reply. I got it working perfectly now but I just wondered if instant reset of a trigger could lead to them overloading the app/phone.

It is possible. The trigger itself is not a performance heavy operation, but attached action may cause performance issues.

That married sense. It’s working for me so all is good. I’m a driving instructor so I’m using triggers to tell pupils when to change gears and not to rev excessively (manual car). This massively helps.

My phone gets extremely warm after a few hours though. I guess the constant realtime monitoring is very CPU hungry. :rofl:

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