Copy paste attributes?

When building a dash, many times I am creating a button (or text box, or …) and paste it, but the attributes are not copied. Like for “input values”, data source, button action, range, critical levels, etc should all be copied. The result is I must go back into each and every button and manually re-apply the same thing…

Same request for look and feel. Editing levels, background color or text color, none get copied…

The colors and other look and feel parameters should be copied when copy-pasting a gauge. I will check if this is a bug.

Other parameters are not copied on purpose, since we have found out in a long run that it makes working on dashboards faster since it is very rare situations when multiple gauges share exactly the same inputs, triggers, and actions.

I’m unable to reproduce the problem of copy-paste not copying the look and feel elements.

SOme attributes get cpoied, some do not; for example, Gauge Math. Does not get copied;

ALso smoothing always seems to change back to 80%

Allright, will check.

Gauge Math confirmed & fixed. Smoothing, unable to reproduce.