Couple questions

Can I add more devices to my account? Purchase another subscription? but will they show in the one account?
I started a “new” dash from the editor under “file” but it doesn’t seem to sync (windows). In the user screen it says “synchronized”.

Okay, the dash showed up in my gallery on my.realdash just took sometime I guess.
I was hoping for this use case, tell me if i’m wrong:
Design on windows, sync to my.realdash, go to car and sync the unit to my.realdash then the changes would appear.
Is that the way this should work? if so how long does it take for the new dash to update?

Also I am finding it often gives a pop up when saving that says “unauthorized”. How often can I expect the large pop up to rate the app to show up? On my test Android device the dash now has a large black square where the pop up was and I can’t get rid of it, only in the app, as I have restarted it numerous times as well as reloaded a backup rd file. I will have to try uninstall and reinstall.

Okay I have found the large black box is actually my needle gauges, The needle backgrounds are no longer transparent, I’ve triple checked all the images and colors and everything as it should be. Loaded a saved dash which I know was fine same thing … very odd. The only major change I made was use the [NOSCALE] but not on both files and from the windows machine.

Just an update to the needle gauge black box issue (even though it seems I’m just posting to myself past couple weeks… ). I installed on an Android headunit and used exact same rd file and everything is fine! Seems to be issue with my test bench raspberry pi with Emteria OS setup.

I had the black box issue on my Android head unit with certain needle gauges.

Dev’s looked at the rd could find no issue and it worked ok on a different unit, so it seems to be hardware related.

Thanks, glad to hear it’s not me :wink:

We did find that some SBC:s seem to have a driver bug that causes black boxes for needle gauges that are not square (equal width and height). This is related to rendering into texture, which is required to achieve ‘stretched’ effect on the needles.

So we have an idea what this is about but have not found a workaround. And as it seems to be an issue with only on some hardware/driver combination, this has not been super high priority.

Okay, with an idea of the cause that’s something i can work around :wink:

Anything on this?
“Can I add more devices to my account? Purchase another subscription? but will they show in the one account?”

The device count has been increased to 3, which should be enough for personal use.

Yes, but if I have 2 vehicles with 2 devices each plus a “design computer” and maybe even a bench test unit that would be 5 or 6 devices! I am willing to pay an additional subscription fee.
You may even consider a “Premium package” which would include 10 devices and 1 or 2 day email support, I would certainly pay $10 per month for that!
I guess it would all depend on if this is part of your main business or just a side project.

Let me see if we could add a new subscription type for Power User.

I just created another account for another vehicle, so no rush. Let me know what you come up with :wink:

My invite users are limited to two devices.


Ok, will check.