Hey. I think it would be great if it were possible to add to the inputs from the device such values ​​as the total RAM, RAM allocated for RealDash, CPU% utilization.
Why am I asking this:
1 I think for anyone this will be at least an additional sensor, since we are all building dashboards for the electronic systems of our cars, how does the device on which RealDash works differ from such systems …
2 in our desires with graphics, we sometimes go too far, and to see in real time the balance between beautiful graphics and lack of memory is very important …
Here the principle: “Use pictures easier” is not entirely appropriate. He is certainly good, but I would like to be fully informed)
Please add two or three not complicated inputs for this. Thank.

In Android I believe this would require a rooted device.

No. This is done without root! there are many programs. But even if the root. then why not make this an option marked (root)