A big request, add the temperature of the processor. Root, not required.
This is an important parameter that should be considered.
third-party applications are not too convenient …

I can take a look, but honestly, I do not believe many people want to stare at CPU temp gauge on their vehicle. I understand that its important value when you are developing the hardware, but during development you can use external apps to show the CPU temp.

Edit: Also please note that this is a OS specific and I would need to implement it to all supported platforms, which now stands at seven different platforms.

Yes, I understand all these circumstances. but suddenly it’s all the same, suddenly it’s not difficult?

I did some investigating and there is no official API to get the CPU temperature on Android. There are some known hacks to retrieve this info and they differ between Android versions, especially after Android 6.

So, implementing this would be a mess and probably would not work for many RealDash users. For such a specific feature its not worth the trouble.

Well there is no way! Thanks for trying!

I have a working code for most tape recorders on Android, and I could share it with you. I use that code in my program

I would need to implement it to all other supported platforms too, so I do not believe it will be worth the trouble.

Jani is actually right. As soon as I got to know the processor better, I realized how to cool it, and I deleted the application with the temperature. it is no longer needed.