Crash when adding connection

Everytime I open garage and go to add a new connection the app crashes. im using iphone 8 on ios 12.1.2

Ok, thanks for reporting. I will check the crash logs.

And every time I try to send debug logs the app crashs on page 5 of the application settings

We were in luck here. RealDash 2.3.3 was still not in Apple review, so I removed it from the review and was able to fix these two issues and submit to Apple review.

Unfortunately Apple rejected the latest update with multiple issues that are very time consuming to fix. These are all related to My RealDash account creation and deleting, which in Apples point of view must happen inside of the app instead of launching the web browser.

So it may take weeks before the update comes available to App Store :frowning:

Could you inform me when the update is live on app store?

Would updating to a newer ios like 15.8 fix the issue?

Unfortunately no. This bug is related to Apple updating their clang compiler in a way that it does not work with static constexpr data the same way as gcc and msvc compilers work. This only manifests in release builds, so for that reason we did not catch this during the development.

Actually updating to IOS15.8 fixed the issue and the app is working fine and I can connect to obd2 now

Interesting, thanks for letting me know.

Apple finally approved the 2.3.3 update.