Creating a page with App-buttons [Solved]


Is it possible to create buttons which can open App’s with?

Sincerely Ben


Yes, there is a action called ‘Launch App’. You need to specify the Android app package name to the string parameter.

OK, thanks.

I entered the Android-app package name in full like “Flitsmeister_9.21.1.apk” but its directing me to Google Play with the message ‘item not found’.
My guess is because I was using an install-file istead of the program-file?
If this is the case do I need a rooted device or is there a way to launch an app in a different way?

Sincerely Ben

The APK name is different than app package name. Package names are usually something like:


With my file-explorer I can’t find these app-packages.
Do you know if I should root my device or is there another way to acces these files?

I already found something.
An App called “App Info Manager” shows a list of App’s installed on your device.
If you pick the app you need it gives you right at the top, between brackets, something like com.sygic.aura or com.touchtype.swiftkey
These are indeed tyhe package names one can use to start an app. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: