Creating custom XML if canbus addresses are known?

Hi all!

I was emailing tech support a bit (thanks again Jani for the assistance!) and figured I’d pick the brain of some others as well.

I have a ProEFI128, which communicates via canbus. The canbus addresses of each individual point are known and published. Jani suggested I purchase a USB to can adapter from seeedstudio (super cheap, comes with a 120 ohm resistor too) which should work with the app on an Amazon Fire tablet. Now the xml needs to be written for the canbus addresses.

Does anyone have a working xml for any other standalone ECU so I could see how its written, and compare it to that ECU’s canbus published addresses? Writing and testing the ProEFI’s xml after that should be easy.

Thank you!

We store the known XML description files on our GitHub page:

There go to Channel_Description_Files/RealDash CAN/

When you get ProEFI working, please share the XML file and I will upload it to GitHub for everybody.

Did you ever come up with an XML? I am trying to get mine to work for proefi128