Cruise Control

today present ID 166 Cruise Control but onlu 1 bit ( on/off)

need 2 bit

0 Cruise Control off
1 Cruise Control on (Yellow mode on the WAG and Renault)
3 Cruise Control active (Green mode)

Also need new ID Speed Limit same as Cruise Contol 2 bit

also i not sure but if not hard please add
ID for Low oil lamp 1 bit
ID for battrey error 1 bit

Belt driver (present)
Belt passenger
Rear passenger belt

Fuel range please made on base average fuel consumption trip B
Or need more average (last 10 - 20 min trip)
(now work not good - i test calc on base trip B - work more more better)

this is necessary for maximum unification of skins for all RealDashers