"Current Speed Limit"

Am I missing something? I set a text box with data source as current speed limit but it is always at zero or is this data just not available in my area?

This information comes from Internet, so either no internet connection or speed limits have not been set in your area.

Actually, you can add/update the speed limits by yourself in https://www.openstreetmap.org/

RealDash searches for ‘maxspeed’ tag on the OSM routes.

Thanks, I will check out the maps. I assume internet is working as the map tiles are showing but will double check that as well.

I edited the openmaps for my work route and that worked, thanks.
Is there a target identifier number for “current speed limit”? I would like to be able to set the speedometer warning and critical levels based on the speed limit if it is greater than 0 or is there another way I’m not thinking of?

Speed limit target Id is 67