Custom 3D printed Realdash implementation

Hi All,
Long time lurker. Heres my realdash implementation. I wanted a full F1 style wheel for my racecar, so its canbus connected using Canbed modules onto a VIM3 with display. There is shift light LED’s surrounding the screen and the canbed module takes in SPI inputs from all the rotary encoders and pushbuttons. Every control item for the car is done through the steering wheel, lights/horn/indicators/antilag/launch control/air ride etc and for the moment is displayed through data engineers dream as I havent had the time to start implementing my own display graphics which will be the next step.

The whole steering wheel was designed in Fusion360 and 3D printed by me too, it really is a built not bought! But I really could not have done this without lurking here on the forums! So thanks!


Looks great! I have been thinking for some time to implement a feature that would rotate the dashboard to keep it level regardless of the device tilt. I know, it would be a gimmick and in practice you could only use the rectangular center of the screen as gauge area. But it could be something fun.