Custom description file import error

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Just worked out that the first value in each frame, is skipped on import.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<frame id="0x601" endianess="big"> <!-- q5,q6,q7,q8>
<value name="q5" units="Celsius" offset="0" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value><!--q5-->
<value name="q6" units="Celsius" offset="2" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value><!--q6-->
<value name="q7" units="Celsius" offset="4" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value><!--q7-->
<value name="q8" units="Celsius" offset="6" length="2" signed="true" conversion="V/10"></value><!--q8-->

Values q1 and q 5 are skipped on import.


Duplicate the first value in each frame, just the same value twice.
EG, for 4 2 byte values:

value name=“test1”
value name=“test1”
value name=“test2”
value name=“test3”
value name=“test4”

Value name is converted to hash number internally, so it could be that q# being so short produces the same hash as other ones.

No, it’s not that, you can swap the values in for any names you like, the first one will be skipped.

Bump - This bug is still present in 2.3.8

I think its not a bug but a mistake in your XML:

See how you do not end your comment at the ‘frame id’ line, so comment continues to next line.

Always use a text editor that shows the syntax problems in your XML file.

You are correct!

My apologies! Many thanks!

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