Custom Intro Image

Hi there. First post as I’m completely new to Realdash (I have searched).

I would like to upload a custom intro image. I am using an Android tablet, the image is a JPG, but all I see is a black screen then the blue animated flash.

Could someone please offer their help as to what I need to do?

Many thanks in advance - Ian.

Attach your intro images and I will try them to verify that files are compatible.

Thank you.

This is the image:

Or this…

Are you talking about the starting image of the android or the starting image of RealDash?

The starting image of Realdash.

They both seem to work just fine, tried on Windows and Android.

Only thing I can think of is that files are somehow corrupted when you move them to your Android device?

Thanks for checking as your time is appreciated.

I emailed them to myself and downloaded them onto the tablet. The files upload onto Realdash as the standard animation is replaced by just a black screen.

Let me try again and I will report back.

Thanks - Ian

I think that was the case. When I used the Android tablet to search for and download an image, it uploaded to Realdash with success.

Thanks again for your help.