Custom vehicle dashboard with Arduino R4 + Realdash (Using BLE)

Hello all,
I’m trying to build a custom dashboard for a prototype offroad vehicle.
I was thinking of using an Arduino R4 WIFI to capture data from sensors and transmit the data to an andoid tablet with RealDash installed.

The arduino board only supports BLE, which uses services and characteristics instead of serial communication.
Looking at the Realdash CAN it seems like only serial protocols are supported, and no indication on if/how data can be tranferred by BLE.

Anyway the app seems to support multiple OBD adapters that use BLE so it is for sure capable of retriving the data.
Is there any indication on how the service/characteristics of the data can be formatted by the sending device to make it visible by RealDash?


RealDash has a BLE support on Android and iOS versions. As I do not have the same hardware to test on, only way to know if it works is to try. Create RealDash CAN connection and select Bluetooth connection type.

HI, i come across your forum whilst looking for some study for my ESP32 S3 BLE.

I am creating a data logger for a Yamaha which is using v1 kline. I have decoded and handled the custom protocol,

I am now looking for something to port to for testing

Currently i have setup my esp32 for Serial, which is what @Oruxx was looking for (BLE serial) (tested with Serial Bluetooth Terminal) for android.

I have created a sketch that will enable BLE serial.

Has the Dev got any example for init?


Found them in the github repo, cheers!

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I am using a UNO Rev4 wifi to read sensors off an old non ECU vehicle and transmit to RealDash. I have found that wifi works easily and reliably rather than BLE, I would give that a try first and happy to provide you with my sketches if you want them.

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