Custom XML imported, gauges no longer working

I had a few PIDs I wanted to try adding, so I downloaded the default XML and just added my extra custom strings at the bottom. I left all of the default PID commands untouched, and put all of the new ones under a custom name. All of the added PIDs now show up correctly under “ECU Specific,” but now none of the gauges that were previously working are functional with this XML selected.

To confirm it wasn’t a transfer/general file issue, I imported and selected a completely untouched version of the default XML, and that one works fine, gauges are working as normal. It seems that my added PIDs are disrupting the rest of the default ones that previously worked, but I’m not sure why.

Upload your XML and lets take a look.

My fault - I realized I didn’t close my commands lol, fixed now.

One other question though - I read in an older thread that Waveshare CANHats aren’t supported by RealDash. Is that still the case? I have one set up for canbus sniffing, would like to use that over the OBDLink dongle for RealDash as well if possible. Just not sure which adapter to choose in the garage tab if it does work.

I’m not sure of what Waveshare CANHat you are referring to, but we use PiCAN3 CAN hat for RPi and it seems to work very well. As a bonus, with that hat you can power the RPi from +12v.

PiCAN3 CAN hat works as a SocketCAN device, so select that as a CAN connection type.