Dash control via physical switch

I’ll be using the boss on the block dash as the starting point for a dash for my project car. I’ll be using an odb2 connection for the ECU data and realdash CAN for an Arduino CAN bus for things like motion and suspension travel sensors. While playing with the boss from the block dash I got thinking that it would be really cool if the rev counter toggle for this dash could be linked to the input of an external button/switch such that selecting sport and track would trigger the toggle and show the sport and track versions of the rev counter.

Is this level of control possible within the realdash configuration?


For sure. All our premium dashboards have triggers to switch modes with ‘Steering Wheel Button 1 and 2’. Just send Steering Wheel Button value from your Arduino in CAN frames as 0 or 1 (button pressed or not).


I’ll have a mode switch that will be changing engine maps and mode of operation of active aero when it’s set to eco, sport or track. Setting the dash to match the mode will be really cool.


Wow. I didn’t even think about it. I’ll try)))) Thanks for the idea! :exclamation: