dashboard motorcycle BMW r1200

hi…here is my dashboard which I use on the meme of a bmw motorcycle … in time I will try animations and a little more 3D effect.

link: https://youtu.be/0OCTtADCuTk

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Looks great, good job!

Hi Danakroman,

looks great, good job!
I’m also currently working on this project in my R1200 GS from 2005.
Do you knwo if also the signals like turning lights, high beam, ABS,… so all what is shown as lamps on the analog dashboard is available on the ODB2 interface?

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hi, thank you … :smiley: .
i am using the obd adapter elm327. From everything I’ve found and tested, only engine data comes through this protocol. However, over the winter I plan to communicate via arduino, then I should be able to read more of this information. :sunglasses:

I’m using the OBDlink MX+. This should give both information, OBD2 and CAN.
But at my first tries I did not get a connection running.
What are your connection settings in the data source area? ODB2?

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