Dashbox bluetooth connection to chinese Android UIS 8762 headunit

Hello, I would like to purchase one Dashbox (Lite) unit, but I know that this connects only via BT. In my car I only have Joying Android UIS 7862 unit and we all know that the BT connection for these chinese units is limited, so I am really woried if these 2 can be connected.
Can anyone help me with this? Has this been tried by somebody already?
USB connection is not possible at all with Dasbox?

Thank you in advance!

As you mention, the BT profile on these is limited. It’s very unlikely to work IMHO. You would be better to look for a wired or wifi solution.

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Yes, its unlikely to work well. There are some community firmware for Joying devices that restore proper BT stack, but not all of them see to work reliably otherwise.

If you already have a Joying device and any kind of Bluetooth device, like OBD2 adapter, you can try the following:

  • Power up your Bluetooth device
  • Start RealDash on Joying device and go to the Garage, open vehicle door and create new connection.
  • When new connection creation goes to the screen where you are supposed to select the Bluetooth device, tap the ‘Gear’ icon below the Bluetooth device list.
  • That will open ‘standard’ Bluetooth options that are normally hidden in Joying devices. Try to pair your Bluetooth device there and then go back to RealDash to complete the connection.

This has worked with some Joying devices, but not all.