Data lag with OBD 2 bluetooth streaming to tablet

Recently installed a Kiwi 2+ OBD 2 Bluetooth reader on my 2004 Pontiac GTO. I am using an Amazon fire 7 tablet sideloaded with the playstore since it runs on android software, so I can download apps such as realdash to use as the dash for my build. Everything connects fine, but I am getting major lag almost a 1-2 second delay of registering the data from what the car is doing. I have the original ECU on my car, so the data being pulled is just being sent from the Kiwi 2+ to my tablet from the OBD 2 port. I run other similar dashboard apps, and don’t have anywhere near as much lag as I do on Realdash. I don’t get the performance I am seeing from the displays on youtube for the premium dash simulations. Any ideas on this?

Send me a debug log and I will take a look.