Data loss and obd2 connection problem

Today, when I started the car and opened Realdash, I noticed that both the odometer and the tripmeter, and the fuel level, showed the value 0.
When I went online, the odometer loaded the value. But tripmeter and fuel level not.
I feel sad to see that those data were lost. I am very excited about this application and hope to be able to use it successfully in the future.

Also, while driving, the connection with the obd2 adapter was lost and the application was no longer able to reconnect… An error appeared that it could not connect. When reopening the application or reconnecting the module, it worked again for a few minutes.
I use vgate vlinker fd+ obd2 bluetooth.

One last question is how I could make the odometer in realdash keep pace with that of the car. Currently, I notice that Realdash lags behind by approximately 10km per 100 runs.

It is possible to use OBD2 to read the ‘actual’ odometer value and map that to RealDash. RealDash does not do that by default as there are many vehicles that do not offer that info on standard PID.

Here is a documentation for OBD2 connection:

RealDash-extras/OBD2 at master · janimm/RealDash-extras (

I understand. I will study to see if I succeed even though I don’t have much knowledge.
Related to the disappearance of data and the connection problem described above, what could be the explanations? :see_no_evil:

As a preventive measure, I uninstalled the version from google play and installed the version from MRD from the download section.

What can I say? Some people have experienced this. I use OBD2 connection daily with OBDLink MX+ adapter with 3 different vehicles and it never disconnects or loses data. Given the combination of adapters, vehicles, custom hardware setups etc. its next to impossible to troubleshoot these issues remotely.