Datalogging Toggle button On/Off

I just wanted to share that I’ve figured out how to make a datalogging button that can change colors based on whether it’s on or off.

  1. First, create a button
    (Click top bar / edit / add gauge / UI / Button)

  2. Click the button / input & values
    Select Data Source - “Datalogging active”
    Select Button Actions / New action / Action type / “Toggle Datalogging”
    Action Name (use a name that makes sense) - “Datalogging”

  3. Set the values to 0 on the left side so anything at is Green
    Set left max range to 1 for max, critical and warning.

  4. Click Look N’ Feel / Color
    Click the gear on the bottom left “editing level”
    Select Normal and set Set the Red to 256
    Select warning and set green to 128

Now the button should show red when not logging and green when logging.

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